NeoCon 2023

Stunning showrooms and can't-miss products

Our curated highlights from the biggest show of the year

We spent time with dozens of brand leaders at NeoCon, the biggest event of the year in the commercial design industry. There's so much to see, do, experience, and – most importantly – remember. We've pulled together a go-to list (so you don't have to!) of the products to watch and showrooms to note.

Workplace Organization:


If we've learned one thing about the workplace over the last few years, it's that flexibility is key. FUNC thrives when it comes to designing products in an uncertain world, leaning into functionality and adaptability (plus, some fun!).

Presented in partnership with The Baresque Group

Acoustic Solutions:


You can absorb noise and look really good doing it. Zintra introduced four new series of acoustic solutions that level up aesthetics while solving a problem.

Presented in partnership with The Baresque Group

Office Pod Upgrades:


Gone are the days of cold, sterile meeting pods. SnapCab continues to up the game – now with more customization than ever – and brings us sleek, stylish, and thoughtful workspaces.

Presented in partnership with SnapCab.

Noted Collaborations:


We saw Crypton all over NeoCon this year! See how they collaborated with Designtex, Wolf-Gordon, Mayer Fabrics, and CF Stinson.

Presented in partnership with Crypton

Engage Your Senses:

Turf Showroom

Turf wowed us all again. Take a tour of the stunning showroom, which engaged all five senses and brought meditative magic to a busy NeoCon show.

Presented in partnership with Turf

Meet the Makers:

Haworth Showroom

Haworth did more than impress with great products this year. They welcomed us into mini workshops to watch artisans at work, showcasing the talent and precision that goes into each process.

Presented in partnership with Haworth

Less is More:

Andreu World by Starck

Less is more, and less gives more. Learn the philosophy behind this new collection, which is based on the intelligence of plywood and the research of the minimum. Philippe Starck walked Cindy Allen through the designs.

Presented in partnership with Andreu World

New Showroom We Love: 

Scandinavian Spaces

Step into the brand new Scandinavian Spaces showroom. Don't miss the homage to the Stockholm Central Station, the simple but sophisticated Rut sofa system, the calming ScandiCafé, and so much more. Cheers to design!

Presented in partnership with Scandinavian Spaces

Creative Use of Tech:

Wolf Gordon

Wolf Gordon explored AI, introduced new acoustic solutions, and focused on sustainability at NeoCon this year.

Presented in partnership with Wolf Gordon.